Bus 67



BUS 67 (Morning)

This bus will transport CG athletics to MJH during sport season and MJH athletics to MHS.



Sarts at 6:30 at Montvale R. & Broady Lane

Lt. on Broady Lane to Rt. On Broadmoor Dr.

Lt. on Montvale Rd to Lt. on Farris Rd.

Lt. of Eastover Dr. Turn around at Howell Cr. & Walden Cr. to Eastover Dr

Rt. On Farris to Lt. on Montvale Rd.

Lt. on Southview Dr.

REVERSE direction back to Rt. Montvale Rd.

Lt. on South Heritage Dr. (Heritage Subd.)

Rt. On Crestview Drive to Lt. on Greenfield Dr.

Rt. On N. Heritage Dr. to Lt. on Montvale Rd.

Lt. on S. Briarcliff Cir to N. Briarcliff Cir (Briarcliff Subd.)

Lt. on Montvale Station to Rt. On Boardman St.

Rt. On Court Street (Pick up along Court St.)

Stop at Court & Oriole Ln.

Court St. to Tudor Dr. (Windsor Park)

Lt. on Tudor Dr.

Rt. on Chesterfield Dr.; Stay on Chesterfield Dr.

Rt. at Chesterfield Dr. and Chesterfield Dr.

Lt. on Windsor Drive

Rt. on Manchester Dr.

Lt. on Stratford Blvd.

Lt. on Wilkinson Pike

Rt. on Ross Springs Dr, thru Holland Springs to Grandview Dr.

Lt. on Grandview Dr. to Meadow Oaks Subdivision (STOP on Grandview)

Lt. Tuckaleechee Pk.

Rt. 321 Hwy

Then to Coulter Grove Intermediate arriving at approximately 7:00 a.m., then to Sam Houston at 7:05 a.m. 

Begin MHS and MJHS routes at 7:10 on Southview Dr.


BUS 67 (Afternoon)

BUS 67:  AFTERNOON Sam Houston, Coulter Grove, MHS, and MJH

Begin Route on Montvale & Broady Lane and follow morning route.