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The Maryville Board of Education holds a regular monthly meeting. To ensure a quorum and optimize attendance, meeting dates are set as far in advance as possible based on the personal/professional schedules of the board members.

Meetings are posted three to six months in advance and adequate public notice is provided to local media for publication or announcement as well. Meeting details are available on the district website or by calling the central office. The location of each meeting rotates through all the schools in the district which gives board members an opportunity to visit facilities and hear from the staff at each school.

Public Participation Guidelines

All regular meetings, special meetings, and work sessions are open to the public. The public is invited to comment on any agenda item at monthly meetings. During special meetings or work sessions, the Board may elect to offer time for public comments – depending on the nature of the board’s business. The Board Chair is responsible for conducting the business of the Board in a responsible and expeditious manner and has full authority to regulate the length of meetings and allow public participation. 

Written correspondence may be directed to the Board through the district administrative offices. Many who wish to correspond in writing may do so via email or by delivering documents to the central office. Correspondence to the Director of Schools may be delivered in the same manner.