Board Policies

NEW IN 2018-2019

Starting in August 2018, we are contracting with policy experts at the Tennessee School Board Association (TSBA) to review, update, and host our school board policies.  This work will take several months as they systematically review each of our policies, make recommendations, and then go through a review and approval process with our local board.  During this transition period, you can expect to find some policy documents that link out to TSBA and some that link to our district site.  Thank you in advance for your patience during this process.  Should questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact the board secretary or director of schools at (865) 982-7121.  Thank you!

Section 10 - Students

Procedures and Guidelines

2.8             Code of Ethics                                                                             

3.5             Charter Schools Application                                                         

3.6             Section 504 and ADA Grievance                                                

4.6             Accounting, Reporting Audits                                                     

4.8             Funds: Expenditure, Authorized Signatures, Petty Cash Accounts                                                            

4.10           Expense Reimbursements                                                        

4.13           School Support Organizations                                                

5.2             Equipment and Inventory                                                       

5.4             School Emergency Preparedness Plans                                      

5.9             Naming Facilities                                                                       

6.5             School Bus Emergency Procedures                                            

7.2             Lunchroom Charge Procedures                                                

8.5             Voluntary Transfer or Assignment                                               

8.7.1          Hiring Part Time, Substitute & Interim Teachers                      

8.7.7          Assignment of School Extra‑Curricular Duties                    

8.8.2          Military Leave                                                                         

8.11           Personnel Records                                                                        

8.13           Teacher & Principal Evaluation Grievance Procedure              

                     Classified Employee Performance Evaluations                        

8.16           Drug & Alcohol Testing for Employees                                   

8.22           Employee Harassment Complaint                                              

8.28           Employee Code of Conduct                                          

9.7.2          Interscholastic Athletics                                                        

                     Prevention and Treatment of Sports Related Concussions          

9.9.2          Teacher Promotion of Non-School Sponsored Educational Trips or Activities                                          

9.13.1        High School Courses Prior to 9th Grade

9.13.3        Credit Recovery                               

9.14           Testing Programs                                                                                                 Homeless Students                                                   Tuition Rates                                                                     

10.4.1         Health Care Professionals and Health Procedures in a School Setting

10.5.7         Student Harassment/Discrimination Bullying Complaint Procedure

10.10          Student Records                                                                         

10.13          Student Drug Testing – Maryville Academy

  • About the Manual

    The Maryville City Schools Board of Education Policy Manual is updated online immediately following approval of any changes by the Board.

    Policy documents are .pdf files that require Adobe Acrobat Reader for display.   Acrobat Reader is free software.

  • Public Feedback Invited

    The Board of Education invites public feedback regarding standing policies or policies under consideration for implementation.    Your comments may be submitted to the Director of Schools.  

  • Public Records Request

    To initiate an official request for public records, please LINK HERE and open the PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST form.  As always, contact us at (865) 982-7121 to discuss this process or your requirements.