State Assessment Calendar

District Assessment Calendar

Links below provide greater detail on specific areas of interest:

The following documents are available for review from TDOE and provide valuable information about Student Assessment in Tennessee. 

  • ACT
  • Nextera Public Demo - Live Link
  • TDOE - Student Assessment in TN link
  • TNReady Score Reports explained link.
  • TDOE TNReady webpage is available at this link
  • TNReady English Language Arts is detailed at this link. 
  • TNReady Mathematics is detailed at this link.
  • TNReady Science is detailed at this link.
  • TNReady Social Studies is detailed at this link. 
  • BLUEPRINTS:  Assessment Blueprints for 2017-18. Assessment blueprints show a summary of what will be assessed in each grade, including the approximate number of items that will address each standard.  
  • Testing Times
  • Parent Guide to Being TNReady (document link) broken
  • Assessment Vendor - Assessment Vendor   


  • Attendance and Assessment Policies - Tennessee Department of Education
  • TN Dept of Education-Legal Position Regarding Opt-Out of Mandated State Assessments
  • TDOE Explanation No Opt Out Memo



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