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Parent Involvement

Tennessee Parental Involvement Standards

In a 2009 legislative session Senate Bill No. 293 was enacted which required the Tennessee Department of Education to develop parental involvement standards in public schools. Each school district and school will be required to report compliance on these standards. The compliance for the standards will be on the Tennessee Report Card beginning with the 2010-2011 school year.  Starting in the spring of 2011, a survey from the State Department will be sent to each school district to obtain the compliance information.

The Tennessee Standards listed below are based on the PTA’s National Standards for Family-School Partnerships. These standards were adopted by the State Board of Education on July 30, 2010.



School Level:  PRINCIPAL
District Level:  Sharon Anglim @ (865) 982-7121
State Level:  Liz Roper @ (615) 253-0047