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Literacy and 3rd Grade Retention Law

Based on the Tennessee law, T.C.A. 49-6-3115, passed in 2021, 3rd grade students who don't show proficiency on the English Language Arts (ELA) section of the Tennessee Comprehensive Program (TCAP) may be required to attend summer school and/or tutoring in order to be promoted to the 4th grade. 

Parents can expect ongoing communication from the the MCS District Office, principals and teachers on your student's progress. 

Please access the pamphlet below to learn more about this law and how your students in grades K-3 may be impacted.


Q - Are parents required to pay for the tutoring sessions?

 A- No, parents will not be responsible paying for tutoring


Brochure Explaining Literacy Law Page 1
Brochure Explaining Literacy Law Page 2