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The Blount County Health Department or your health care provider would be the best resource for specific questions about childhood immunizations or exemptions. For quick online information, refer to  and

How do I get my child registered?

Parents/legal guardians will need to visit your zoned school to complete the necessary registration form and when applicable, sign a release of records to authorize the school to secure records from the child's former school. Other information regarding requirements can be found at THIS LINK.  Students should also have a documented physical examination within the last six months.  Students in the upper grades should schedule an appointment with a guidance counselor as well.

What age must my child be to attend kindergarten?

For the 2014-2015 school year and all school years thereafter, a child entering kindergarten must be five years old on or before August 15. T.C.A. 49-6-201(b)(3). However, a child does not have to enroll in school at five years of age, but enrollment must occur no later than the child's sixth birthday. T.C.A. 49-6-3001(c)(1); SBE Rule 0520-01-03-.03(10)(a)

"Any transfer student applying for admission who was legally enrolled in an approved kindergarten in another state and who will be five years of age no later than December 31 of the current school year, shall be enrolled."  SBE Rule 0520-01-03-.03(10)(b). So, a child entering school during the fall from another state may enter kindergarten as long as the child turns five that calendar year and was enrolled in an approved kindergarten in the other state.

The compulsory attendance law also applies to five year old children once they have attended school for six weeks.  "[A] child may be withdrawn within six (6) weeks of initial enrollment without penalty."  TCA 49-6-3007(g).  

"No child shall be eligible to enter first grade . . . without having attended an approved kindergarten program; provided, that a child meeting the requirements of the state board of education for transfer and/or admission, as determined by the commissioner, may be admitted by an LEA, notwithstanding any other provision or act to the contrary."  T.C.A. 49-6-201(d)

Depending on local board policy, children may be allowed to go from kindergarten directly to second grade. TCA 49-6-3106.

What programs are available to assist my child?

Each school has a variety of age-appropriate programs to meet the individual needs of students as they move through each grade level.

Where do I find a district calendar?

A calendar of events is posted on the home page of the district site, as well as each school website.
You may also click here for the district academic calendar.  LINK HERE

What supplies will my child need for school?

Check with the school, but most schools will post a supply list on the school website in the summer before school starts. We also supply local office supply stores and department stores with school supply lists for reference when purchasing supplies from that business. High school teachers will give students class specific supply lists, as needed. LINK HERE

Where can I find the lunch menu? ... and the cost for lunch?

The Food Services section of the district site has all those details.  Lunch menus can be found quickly in top navigation of every school site and the district too.  Tammy Hooper is the Food Services Coordinator. LINK HERE

Can I contact the Director of Schools?

Yes.  We always recommend working through concerns at the school level first - starting with the teacher and principal.  The Director of Schools can be reached via phone at (865) 982-7121 or via email.  In the event he can't be reached, you may wish to speak with his administrative assistant, Gina Holland (at the same phone number) to schedule an appointment. 

Is after school care available?


How can I get involved in my child's school?

Each school offers many opportunities for parent involvement. We encourage involvement at all levels and hope you will start early and remain active. Begin at home, continue in the classroom and then, as time permits, offer your skills and support in the school or in specific programs of interest at the school. Likewise, we are constantly seeking business partners in the community and hope you will consider a mutually beneficial relationship between your company and any school.