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 We are the new Maryville City virtual school, opening for the 2022-2023 school year!  We are “blazing our own path to excellence”!

MARYVILLE VIRTUAL SCHOOL (MVS) is a K-12 school where students predominantly learn asynchronously from home. This is not a re-packaging of the MCS COVID "digital" instruction where students Zoomed with teachers for instruction. MVS is a true virtual school with on-line curriculum and instruction with weekly assignments that can be completed on the student's own schedule.  K-1 students will physically come to school for one half-day session each week and may attend some Zoomed small group lessons as well.

Teachers will support student learning through videoed instruction, assignment feedback, email, and video-conferencing, as needed. At the MVS school building, we will have areas set up for students to receive in-person support and tutoring, as well as an assessment center for any mandatory on-site testing.

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Maryville Virtual School Comprehensive Framework

Maryville Virtual School is a division of Maryville City Schools designed to provide a rigorous and engaging digital pathway for non-traditional K-12 students in the city of Maryville.  The digital school employs full-time and part-time digital teachers to create course content and strategically select digital materials and resources to provide limitless learning opportunities to the students we serve.

Instructional Design

  • TN State Standards Alignment
  • Predominantly asynchronous instruction
  • Opportunities for synchronous instruction, small group collaboration, and individualized support
  • Direct instruction to include recorded and live videos, adaptive digital learning tools, and virtual programming solutions delivered through a learning management system.     
  • Materials and resources to include lessons developed by Maryville teachers and software solutions.  
  • Engaging practice sets with built-in corrective and immediate academic feedback
  • Academic Support Center providing onsite re-teaching and support occurs
  • Teacher Virtual Office Hours for consultation and support, ties are course-specific and could be outside of regular school hours
  • Tiered Interventions, Special Education and ELL support provided
  • Expected onsite support for one half day for K-1 grade students and for all other grades as deemed necessary for academic or engagement support
  • K-8 Specials practice provided, including PE, music, and art
  • 9-12 Elective Focus Areas include AP, DE, Humanities, and CTE
  • Maryville Virtual School diploma earned with 27 high school credits (same number as MHS)
  • Course offerings are responsive to student need, when possible

Culture and Climate

  • Parental/family guidance and participation welcomed
  • Willingness to effectively partner with Home School Families
  • Family Engagement encouraged with opportunities for family events and parent conferences  
  • Community Engagement through service learning projects and volunteer work
  • MVS extra-curricular opportunities all inclusive, not with onsite schools
  • TSSAA and TMSAA sports participation at zoned schools, if all criteria are met

 Assessments and Monitoring

  • Student monitoring and management to ensure academic progress and growth
  • Administration of all state required testing on-site at Maryville Virtual School
  • Possible other required benchmarks or course assessments on-site at MVS (varies by course and grade level)
  • Report card schedule will follow the MCS schools


  • Certified TN teachers will monitor and manage instructional progress


  • Will follow the MCS calendar
  • Annual school fees will be $45 for all grades
  • Teacher/pupil ratio same as onsite schools
  • Enrollment in MVS is a year-long commitment, currently for Maryville City residents only
  • Criteria for continued enrollment and levels of increasing academic and engagement support in handbook
  • Device will be provided to each student through the MCS iReach initiative, including WIFI hot spots for families with need (with $40 user charger or approved scholarship)
  • Administrative offices and service space for families at the retired Fort Craig building
  • No additional charge for virtual school enrollment for Maryville residents
  • Daily attendance based on productivity, engagement, and assignments (or physical attendance on K-1 half days)
MVS Registration 22-23