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 We are the new Maryville City virtual school, opening for the 2022-2023 school year!  We are “blazing our own path to excellence”!

MARYVILLE VIRTUAL SCHOOL (MVS) is a 2-12 school where students predominantly learn asynchronously from home. This is not a re-packaging of the MCS COVID "digital" instruction where students Zoomed with teachers for instruction. MVS is a true virtual school with on-line curriculum and instruction with weekly assignments that can be completed on the student's own schedule.  

Teachers support student learning through videoed instruction, assignment feedback, email, and video-conferencing, as needed. At MVS, we monitor student grades and attendance and intervene when necessary with more support, which could include phone calls home, academic support via zoom, or an invitation to our Academic Support Center.  Students are required to come into the MVS for some class assessments, some benchmark testing, and all state testing. 

MVS Course Offerings

To view courses offered at MVS, please click on the guide below.

MVS Scholars' Prep guide

Maryville Virtual School Comprehensive Framework

Maryville Virtual School is a division of Maryville City Schools designed to provide a rigorous and engaging digital pathway for non-traditional 2-12 students in the city of Maryville.  The digital school employs full-time and part-time digital teachers to create course content and strategically select digital materials and resources to provide limitless learning opportunities to the students we serve.

Instructional Design

  • TN State Standards Alignment
  • Predominantly asynchronous instruction
  • Opportunities for synchronous instruction, small group collaboration, and individualized support
  • Direct instruction to include recorded and live videos, adaptive digital learning tools, and virtual programming solutions delivered through a learning management system.     
  • Materials and resources to include lessons developed by Maryville teachers and software solutions.  
  • Engaging practice sets with built-in corrective and immediate academic feedback
  • Academic Support Center providing onsite support for students who are struggling (by invitation only)
  • Teacher consultation and support via email and scheduled Zoom meetings, if needed 
  • Tiered Interventions, Special Education and ELL support provided
  • 2-8 Specials practice provided, including PE, music, and art
  • 9-12 Elective Focus Areas include AP, DE, Humanities, and CTE
  • Maryville Virtual School diploma earned with 27 high school credits (same number as MHS)
  • Course offerings are responsive to student need, when possible

Culture and Climate

  • Parental/family guidance and participation welcomed
  • Willingness to effectively partner with Home School Families
  • Family Engagement encouraged with opportunities for family events and parent conferences  
  • Community Engagement through service learning projects and volunteer work
  • MVS extra-curricular opportunities all inclusive, not with onsite schools
  • TSSAA and TMSAA sports participation at zoned schools, if all criteria are met

 Assessments and Monitoring

  • Student monitoring and management to ensure academic progress and growth
  • Administration of all state required testing on-site at Maryville Virtual School
  • Possible other required benchmarks or course assessments on-site at MVS (varies by course and grade level)
  • Report card schedule will follow the MCS schools


  • Certified TN teachers will monitor and manage instructional progress


  • Will follow the MCS calendar
  • Annual school fees will be $45 for all grades
  • Teacher/pupil ratio same as onsite schools
  • Enrollment in MVS is a year-long commitment
  • Criteria for continued enrollment and levels of increasing academic and engagement support in handbook
  • Device will be provided to each student through the MCS iReach initiative, including WIFI hot spots for families with need (with $40 user charger or approved scholarship)
  • Administrative offices and service space for families at the retired Fort Craig building
  • No additional charge for virtual school enrollment for Maryville residents
  • Daily attendance based on productivity, engagement, and assignments (or physical attendance if required)

MVS 22-23 Monitoring Report

Each year, virtual schools in Tennessee must be monitored by their school system.  Click here to view MVS's 22-23 Monitoring Report.