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Our Schools

The city of Maryville has a long history of excellent schools and high expectations for public education.  Each of our seven schools offer outstanding curriculum, support for special needs, extracurricular activities, fine arts endeavors, team sports, and much more.  Our college and career-ready graduates are competitive for post secondary that take them to college, trade and technical programs, military service, and the world of work.  Students are regularly offered millions of dollars in scholarship incentives and attend prestigious colleges throughout the nation.  


2019 marks 100 years of graduates at Maryville High School.  While our district was founded in 1913, the first graduates received diplomas in 1919.  In celebration of our long history and tradition, we offer this pictorial look back at the early years, for your enjoyment.


Foothills Elementary School 
Grades K-3 
Karen Schito, Principal 
Rob Hensley, Assistant Principal
520 Sandy Springs Road 
Maryville, TN  37803 
Phone: 865-681-0364   
Fax: 865-681-0366 
School Day: 7:40 – 2:40
SRO:  Officer Steven Dotson

John Sevier Elementary School 
Grades K-3 
Joshua Oliver, Principal 
Kristin Bosco, Assistant Principal
2001 Sequoyah Avenue 
Maryville, TN  37804 
Phone:  865-983-8551   
Fax:  865-977-0725 
School Day:  7:40 – 2:40
SRO: Officer Clayton Hall

Sam Houston Elementary School 
Grades K-3 
Molly Rice, Principal 
Lucas Vagnier, Assistant Principal
330 Melrose Street 
Maryville, TN  37803 
Phone:  865-983-3241   
Fax:  865-444-0796
School Day:  7:50 – 2:50
SRO: Officer Austin Green/Shane Collins

Coulter Grove Intermediate School 
Grades 4th -7th 
Ramona Best, Principal 
Zac Hargett, Assistant Principal
Wendy Newton, Assistant Principal
2025 Sevierville Road 
Maryville, TN  37804 
Phone:  865-982-6345   
Fax:  865-982-6312
School Day:  7:40 – 2:40
SRO:  Officer Clayton Hall

Montgomery Ridge Intermediate School 
Grades 4th – 7th 
Kevin Myers, Principal 
Carol Anne Scarlett, Assistant Principal
Brad White, Assistant Principal
835 Montgomery Lane 
Maryville, TN  37803 
Phone:  865-980-0590    
Fax: 865-980-0589 
School Day:  7:40 – 2:40
SRO:  Officer Steven Dotson

Maryville Junior High School 
Grades 8th – 9th 
Melissa Stowers, Principal 
Nick Kessler, Assistant Principal
Joshua Oliver, Assistant Principal
805 Montvale Station Road 
Maryville, TN  37803 
Phone:  865-983-2070    
Fax: 1-865-205-9556 
School Day:  8:20 – 3:20
SRO:  Officer Austin Green

Maryville High School 
Grades 10th – 12th 
Heather Hilton, Principal 
Brett Coulter, Assistant Principal
Chad Deal, Assistant Principal
Maria Greene, Assistant Principal
Donna Wortham, Assistant Principal
825 Lawrence Avenue 
Maryville, TN  37803 
Phone:  865-982-1132     
Fax:  865-983-1440 
School Day:  8:25 – 3:25
SRO: Officer Shane Collins
MHS Café LeReve     983-2373

 Maryville Academy 
Grades 7th – 12th 
Kyle Harris, Maryville Academy Administrator 
1905 Sequoyah Avenue 
Maryville, TN  37804 
Phone:  865-984-6966     
Fax:  865-982-4129 
School Day:  8:25 – 3:25
SRO:  Officer Clayton Hall