Welcome from Dr. Mike Winstead, Director of Schools



Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  The tools and resources provided on this site are for your use as a stakeholder and our partner in education. Two-way communication is critical to our success, so we are always seeking new and improved ways to communicate more effectively.  Our goal is to provide relevant information that you will find useful.  As curator of our district website, Director of Communication, Sharon Anglim, would appreciate being contacted if you find information that is outdated, inaccessible, or hard to find.  Individual school sites are maintained by the technology coordinators in each school.  At both the district and school level, we would welcome hearing from you.

Should you have concerns that are still unresolved after communicating with our on-site administrators and your child's teacher, I can be reached for appointment via phone at (865) 982-7121.  My administrative assistant, Glenda Ennen, would be happy to assist or help schedule a time for us to meet.  She can be reached at the same phone number or via email at glenda.ennen@maryville-schools.org. 

Our ongoing mission is to prepare students for a lifetime of learning and responsible citizenship.  By keeping that in mind with everything we do and every decision we make ... Maryville students continue to excel - constantly pushing the highest levels of academic, arts, and athletic achievement in the state.  Our district strategic plan is our roadmap to the future - serving as a guidepost for decision making at all levels.  I invite you to learn more and join us as "together" we continue to embrace the high standards of educational excellence this community has expected for almost 100 years.

In July of 2015, we will deploy laptops or tablets to every student in the school district, a 1:1 digital conversion we call iREACH.  Please follow our progress via the website, local media, and various publications as we move forward.  This initiative will change teaching and learning as we know it - giving students new opportunities to excel in and beyond the classroom.

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