• Overview

    As we work together to transport students to school and return them home safely in the afternoon, please feel free to call on me for any matter of concern or idea for improvement in our bus service.  
    For further information contact:

    Tammy Hooper
    Tammy Hooper, Coordinator of Student Services 

    Office: (865) 982-7121
    or via email 


    Bus service is available for students attending their zoned schools. It is not available for children attending schools outside of their zone. If your residence is located within 1.5 miles of the school your child attends, your child is not entitled to transportation. However, your child may be provided transportation at the sole discretion of MCS if the bus has capacity and does not have to deviate from established routes.  The parent must contact, Tammy Hooper, Coordinator of Student Services, for approval to transport students within the 1.5 mile zone.

    Bus routes are designed in a manner that is most economical and advantageous to the system as a whole, and to assure that no child has more than a 60-minute bus ride in the morning or afternoon.

    Bus stops at each residence are not feasible, and buses do not enter driveways or streets with cul-de-sacs. Every effort will be made to locate bus stops within a reasonable walking distance from each child’s residence. It is the parent’s responsibility to supervise their children at the bus stop every morning and afternoon.

    Transportation services are provided to and from the nearest bus stop to the child’s home address (not work address, relative, or babysitter, etc). Transportation uses the address listed on the registration card at the child’s school.