Welcome to Maryville, Tennessee - home of the Maryville City School district. If you are a new resident, planning to relocate to our community or just visiting, we hope you find this section of our website to be an informative resource.

In Maryville, we take great pride in living in a community that is invested in public education and supports our schools. Our long history of high expectations for educational excellence in Maryville is a defining characteristic of who we are and what we stand for. You are invited to share in that legacy and become involved in our schools in any way possible.
Maryville City Schools are nationally recognized for its programs, attendance, student achievements, and test scores, which typically exceed national and state-wide norms.  The schools also emphasize extra-curricular activities and rate highly in competitions and sports.  Performing arts, including one of the largest orchestral music programs in the region, are a priority for our district and a great source of pride and enjoyment for our stakholders.
Maryville is the seat of Blount County.  Our schools serve students who reside within the city limits of Maryville, as well as a small number of tuition students.  Along with the Alcoa City School district and Blount County Schools, it is our honor to serve the children of this community.

These websites might be of particular interest to anyone considering a move to our city.
 Other public school districts in this community include: 
        Alcoa City Schools
 Colleges and Universities 
         Maryville College
         University of Tennessee 
         Pellissippi State Community College
         Roane State Community College
   Medical Facilities 

         Blount Memorial Hospital
         East Tennessee Medical Group



Parks and Recreation

The Maryville community is home to several beautiful parks that offer safe and fun areas for your family to play, picnic, or enjoy the scenery. Maryville Alcoa Greenway, Bicentennial, Amerine, Eagleton, Everett, John Sevier, Pearson Springs, and Sandy Springs parks are among the many your family will appreciate.  To learn more about parks and recreation in the Maryville City area, visit: http://www.parksrec.com/

The Smoky Mountains

Maryville lies in the Foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains.  The peaceful, gorgeous Smoky Mountains is a perfect place for a family vacation.  To learn more visit: http://www.smokymountains.org

Cades Cove/Townsend Cades Cove

Just beyond the village of Townsend, to the east of Maryville, is Cades Cove - a broad, verdant valley surrounded by mountains. This beautiful valley is one of the most popular destinations in the Great Smokies.  The Townsend area offers many wonderful vacation sites and can serve as a hub for visitors exploring our region.  Learn more at http://www.townsendchamber.org/ or visit the Blount County Chamber of Commerce in Maryville or the Townsend Visitors Center