• Richard Harbison manages coordination of emergency preparedness and response for the entire district.  The District-Wide Emergency Response Plan was developed and is perpetually updated by this office in consultation with local First Responder agencies and emergency planners.  This office provides support to school administrators in the development and maintenance of their emergency response plans and can provide or coordinate training.  Anyone wishing to review the plan should contact Mr. Harbison at( 865) 982-7121 or via email at Richard.harbison@maryville-schools.org.
    The Tennessee Department of Education offers links to a variety of resources for families on the subject of emergency preparedness.  LINK HERE to learn more.
    In compliance with TENN CODE ANNOTATED 49-6 (801-814) and in accordance with the guidelines set by the Maryville Board of Education in the district strategic plan,  Maryville City Schools seeks to provide a safe school environment as an operational priority.  To review more information about the SAVE Act and the details of compliance measures required by the state, please visit the TN DOE website at www.state.tn.us/education/safe_schls/safety_cntr/SAVE_act.shtml .