***The first batch of Securly weekly parent emails are slated to go out on Monday, August 20. Others will begin receiving them on August 27. ***

What if I haven't received a parent email from Securly yet?

If it is before August 28, it may be that we're still processing your parent account. We expect all parent accounts to be processed by Aug. 28. 

What if I received a parent account for one of my students, but not all of them?

We have to link your students to your account individually, so it may be that we've processed one of your students, but not all of them. If you haven't received an email for all of your students by August 28, please follow the steps below.

It's after August 28, but I still haven't received an email. What do I do?

If it's after August 28, either your most current email information isn't in our system (or was possibly entered with a typo), OR there may have been some sort of problem uploading it, OR your information may have been entered after August 28. If that's the case, fill out the form linked here and we'll investigate. ( 



Beginning in Summer 2018, MCS migrated to a new content filter for students and staff. This filter requires users to login or authenticate to access the internet away from the MCS network. Below are instructions for signing in to Securly from home or off-network. If you experience any issues, feel free to call your school specific helpdesk. 


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