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Frequently Asked Questions About Securly

What if I haven't received a parent email from Securly yet?

During our annual PowerSchool registration process, there is a question that asks for the preferred email address to receive Securly info and alerts from. If this address was entered incorrectly, you will not receive parent emails. If you aren't receiving these emails and you think you should be, please reach out to your student's school's Technology Coordinator and they can verify your email address and update it if necessary. 

I can't get online at home! What do I do?

To help facilitate the logging of student web traffic for parents to view, students have to be logged in to the filter to get online from home. When a student tries to get online from home, they will be prompted for a School Login where they will have to choose "Sign in with Google" or "Sign in with Microsoft Azure AD."  IMPORTANT: To get online, you must pick "Sign in with Microsoft Azure AD." The account students use is their regular school email address. For a student named John Q. Public who will graduate in 2025, this address would look like The password is the regular password they use to log on to any school computer. 

I've gotten parent reports, but it says Facebook and LinkedIn are blocked, and my student swears they didn't go to Facebook. What's going on?

Have you ever been to a site that asks you to log in with your email, or gives you the option of signing in with Facebook or LinkedIn? We've found that some of these sites will cause Securly to record Facebook or LinkedIn as a site students attempted to go to, even if they didn't go there or try to sign in with them. These false-positives have been limited to Facebook and LinkedIn. 

Can I change Securly filter settings at home?

If your student needs extra supervision on their device, your Securly parent account can set a more restrictive filter policy for when your students aren't at school. This can be done through the parent portal that can be accessed through the weekly emails. If you've already set up your parent portal account from your weekly email, it can be accessed here

Securly is great for the school owned devices, but what about their other personal devices at home?

If you're please with the Securly experience, they also offer an at-home device called the Securly Hub that lets you make your home network your own personal Securly area where you can monitor and set policies for any devices that connect to your home network. The Securly Hub isn't managed or supported by your child's school at all, but it is something that is available. More details can be found here. One important detail is that if your student has a cell phone, it will monitor the phone if it's connected to wifi, but not if it's only connected to your phone's data plan. 

What other resources are there?

Securly also makes an app for parents for both Android and iOS. It puts the parent portal at your fingertips at all times. 


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