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Deployment Details for 2023

Updated: 4-12-2023


The normal beginning of year technology paperwork will be handled through your annual PowerSchool student verification process. The two main components related to student devices are the Responsible Use Agreement, which is a part of the annual verification process in PowerSchool.

Without completing the RUP, a student isn't allowed to touch any school-owned internet-connected device. Without the user charge payment, a student is considered a day user and their device is turned in and picked up each day at the school help desk. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What's the timeline?

PowerSchool registration information was released on April 12. For further details, check out the registration page found here: Registration/Verification - Maryville City Schools ( Students MUST complete registration/annual verification prior to being allowed to touch an internet connected device. 


What if I don't want to pay with a card?

Online registration is e-check or Credit Card only, but cash or check payments can be made at Montgomery Ridge, Coulter Grove, MJHS, MHS, or the Maryville City Schools Office.  

What if I don't have internet at home?

Details on our Every-1 Connected WiFi initiative can be found at Wi-Fi Initiative - Maryville City Schools (


Trouble with more general deployment questions? Contact the technology coordinator at your child's school or MCS Central Office. 

If you're having trouble with PowerSchool verification, please email this address for your child's school for the quickest, most knowledgeable help: