Family Life

Students in grades 5 through 9 will participate in Family Life classes.  Maryville City Schools offers these classes in compliance with Tennessee Code Annotated 49-6-1301-1303.  This law mandates that school systems implement a program of Family Life instruction for students. We have endeavored to make this an age appropriate instructional program following Tennessee's standards.  Family Life classes are taught by the Maryville City School System's instructor, Mrs. Shanna Lingerfelt.  All students will participate in these classes unless a parent/guardian requests in writing to exempt his or her son/daughter.  The attached form may be used to express your desire to exempt your student or to allow them to participate.

Students may be exempted from the Family Life unit according to T.C.A. 49-6-1301-1303: "Upon receipt of a written statement from a student's parent or guardian to the effect that the parent / guardian has personally examined the appropriate grade level instructional materials or has conferred directly with the student's instructor, guidance counselor, or principal and that the parent / guardian finds objectionable any or all portions of Family Life instruction, the student shall be excused from such portion or portions of the Family Life instruction."

The Family Life curriculum and materials are available for parents/guardians to review at Central Office (833 Lawrence Avenue) from 2:30 – 4:30 p.m. on Monday, December 17, 2018 or by appointment.  A list of Family Life topics are posted on this site.  After reviewing the Family Life curriculum and materials, we request that each student return the permission form to the school by December 18, 2018.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Lingerfelt at  

Letter to Parents


5th Grade

  • Vocabulary list review
  • Puberty, Body Systems

6th Grade

  • Life Goals, Decision Making, Abstinence
  • High Risk Behaviors
  • Emotional consequences
  • What are STI's?
  • Reproductive systems review and quiz

7th Grade

  • Healthy Relationships
  • Abstinence Review
  • Common STI's
  • Unhealthy Relationships
  • Teen parenting
  • Reproductive system review

8th Grade

  • Respect and abuse in relationships
  • Communication skills
  • Why abstinence?
  • Family life activity magazine
  • STI's

9th Grade

  • Biology review, personal values, review of abstinence, opinion essays
  • Legal matters
  • Stereotypes and the media 
  • Committed relationships
  • Gender roles
  • STI's