Sharon Anglim, MA, APR,  serves as Director of Communications and Special Projects for the school district.  Working closely with the district leadership team, school board and district executive staff, Mrs. Anglim supports the educational process by working to enhance two-way communication with stakeholders at all levels.  Primary duties include district website curator, strategic planning, public relations, community and parent involvement, and public information officer.  Project management duties include textbook adoption and purchasing, along with working closely with Dr. Winstead as system testing coordinator.  Mrs. Anglim also serves as the district home school coordinator.

Sharon can be reached in the central office and welcomes the opportunity to speak with you or direct you to the best person who might offer the help you need.  

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We are always happy to work with school staff and media representatives to share the wonderful stories about students and education with our stakeholders, the community and across the region.

Please contact the Communication Office (865-982-7121) for assistance with print, broadcast or online media.  We will coordinate access to facilities, staff and students as needed.

We recognize the importance of media as a source of information, but we also share the important job of ensuring the safety and privacy of students, staff, and families.  We will do everything we can to work cooperatively with all requests - as long as the request is lawful, adheres to safety requirements, and does not interfere with teaching or learning.

Media outlets wishing to be added to our media distribution list for press releases should contact us at .


  1. Electronic delivery of flyers is available through  Organizations can set up accounts to distribute to several or a single school in the district. 
  2. Flyer emails  are distributed weekly.
  3. All flyers must include a disclaimer such as, “This  flyer was provided by __________ for consideration by parents or staff in the Maryville City Schools.  Distribution through this school resource does not automatically imply endorsement by the school or district.  Parents should seek references or independently research any program for students.”
  4. Organizational information on the flyer should not imply a close alliance with the schools, where none exists.  A disclaimer related to the name of the organization may be required.
  5. Flyers should be limited to one page (where possible).  Format flyers in portrait format for optimal viewing.
  6. Our goal is to provide information to families about “enrichment” activities in the community.  The district will not allow distribution of flyers for commercial purposes or purposes unrelated to the district’s educational mission.
  7. Permission to distribute flyers does not constitute an endorsement of the event, program or organization by the school or school district. 
  8. Any organization wishing to also display a printed flyer at any school with a community table, may issue no more than 50 printed copies per school via the central office (833 Lawrence Ave, Maryville) at least 10 days in advance of the event.



At least three times each school year the district will conduct surveys of student households.  These are conducted first via email and then via phone if you don't have email or don't respond to email.  This survey process is tied to our strategic plan and provides valuable feedback for planning and continuous improvement.  Should you receive a request to participate, we would greatly appreciate your thoughtful responses.  As the need arises we may issue other surveys, but we are very cautious to reserve this process for only the most important requirements at the district level.


Our goal is to keep stakeholders apprised of current events and matters of interest to the education community – including the many student events and performances offered each year across the district, as well as state and nation news.  Both our schools and the district post news captions and photos online.  Press releases are posted to the district site under News.

District news scrolls on the right side of the home page for both the district and each school.  School specific news is also scrolled on the school home page.  Those stakeholders using social media may wish to “like” the Maryville City Schools Facebook page - another avenue to share good news with our friends as often as possible. 
We very much appreciate the partnership of our local media outlets – in print, radio and television.  As they work to serve the information needs of our community and region, their efforts to include “education news” as much as possible is an important contributing factor to how informed and involved our stakeholders can be.  

Social Media (official site approval)

APPLICAITON for MCS personnel to register official social media sites, as required by the district social media policy.  LINK HERE

Sharon Anglim

Communications Director