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This includes Maryville City, Alcoa, and Blount County schools.



Proposed elementary rezoning plan  


As of 8/25/2021

Area 1 – Rezone from Sam Houston to John Sevier

  • Area from Tuckaleechee to Wilkinson along Grandview – all streets and subdivisions north and south of Grandview.
  • All of Ross Springs and Holland Springs impacted in the rezoning; follows property lines behind Ross Springs to separate from Sam Houston zone.
  • Wilkinson Pike will be the dividing line between the JSE and SHE zones in the area near Ross Springs and Holland Springs.

Area 2 – Rezone from Sam Houston to John Sevier

  • Area north of East Broadway and East of Everett/Aluminum; East Broadway, Everett, and Aluminum will serve as the dividing lines

Area 3 – Rezone from Foothills to Sam Houston

  • Area on both sides of Montvale Station Road from Churchill to Jamestown
    • East of Montvale Station will capture all of Windridge Subdivision and Jamestown Way
    • West of Montvale Station includes Bethany Ct, Lori Lea, Lafayette, and Garden Vale
  • Follow the property lines between Jamestown way and Williams Street
  • Capture 1535 Montvale Station, 1527 Montvale Station, and 809 Lafayette Lane in the rezoning (i.e., zone them for Sam Houston)