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MCS Diversity Planning
July 2020 

Position Statement

The mission at Maryville City Schools is to prepare students for a lifetime of learning and responsible citizenship.  Our focus is to empower and support students in helping them to reach their highest potential to make a positive impact in their ever-changing world.   We know that as an educational body, we have a heightened responsibility to teach our students ­­­­­to show respect and dignity to others while working to eliminate social and racial disparity.  We are passionate about cultivating and celebrating diversity within the school system and stand united against the negative impact of racism upon communities.  We welcome open communication and seek ways to improve our work toward the creation of inclusive, safe, and supportive systems for those who are marginalized while cultivating a heightened awareness of perspective and mutual respect.   We acknowledge that we are not perfect, that work is to be done, and there is always room for growth and change.  We want to do our part to make our community a stronger and better place to learn and grow.