• Bus routes are updated annually.  We have two bus contractors who serve several school districts, so their inventory of drivers and buses can change from year to year.  We attempt to be as consistent as possible, but as zones change and traffic patterns are altered due to road construction and other issues, we must change our routes accordingly.  Changes to bus routes are posted to the district web site in early June and linked from every school site.  We also release information to the local newspaper and send a voice mail reminder to parents about the update being available.  As drivers work the routes planned at the beginning of the year and see how many children get on the bus at each stop, slight changes can occur.  When the school year begins, any route changes will be forwarded to the affected school(s) and relayed by school administrators, in addition to being noted on the website. 



    (Updated July 24, 2017)



    Afternoon Starting Position at school:

       Montgomery Ridge/Foothills – 5, 10, 28, 49, 51, 63, 71, 75, 77

       Coulter Grove – 64, 67, 85, 56, 6, 20, 14, 82, 15

       Maryville Junior High- 15, 10, 28, 51, 63, 64, 71, 75, 77

       Maryville High- 5, 6, 10, 14, 49, 56, 67, 82, 85

       Bus 53 is Sam Houston ONLY.

       Bus 64 is CGIS, MJHS, and MHS ONLY. 

    ---click on the bus number to see the entire route ---
  • Bus 5

    Bus 5

    Turnberry, Belle Meade, Kingstown Colony

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  • Bus 6

    Bus 6

    E. Broadway Ave, S. Everett High Rd., Cherry St. , Jett Rd, Front St., Brown’s Creek Subd.

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  • Bus 10

    Bus 10

    Hudson Dr, Tapoco Ave, Home Avenue, Westside Apts., W. Broadway

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  • Bus 14

    Bus 14

    CG, MHS, MJH only, Northfield, Grassland, Crestridge Dr., Woodgate Dr., Sevierville Rd. Bonnie Vista

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  • Bus 15

    Bus 15

    Tuckaleechee Pike, Locha Poka Drive, Grandview Drive, Lamar Alexander Pkwy, Argonne Drive THIS BUS WILL TRANSPORT CGIS ATHLETICS TO MJHS DURING SPORT SEASON AND MJH ATHLETICS TO MHS.

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  • Bus 20

    Bus 20

    Lincoln Rd., Monroe St., Madison Ave,. Olivia Lane

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  • Bus 28

    Bus 28

    Auburn Drive, Morganton Road, Blue Sky Drive, Worthington Subdivision, The Park at Royal Oaks

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  • Bus 49

    Bus 49

    Wimbledon Blvd, White Oak Avenue, Cochran Road, Kirkland Estates, Raulston Road, Oxford Hills, Knightbridge, Cross Creek

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  • Bus 51

    Bus 51

    Doll Avenue, North Cedar Street, North Houston, Parkside

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  • Bus 53

    Bus 53

    Sam Houston Elementary Only - Cumberland Street, Columbus St., Rule Harper St., Bishop St., Olympia Dr., Madison Ave.

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  • Bus 56

    Bus 56

    S. Belmont Dr., Melborn Dr., Willow Creek Subd., Fielding Dr., Ironwood, Andrea Dr., Amerine Station Subdivision

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  • Bus 63

    Bus 63

    Atchley Apartments, Old Glory Road, Hwy. 321, Camellia Trace Apartments

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  • Bus 64

    Bus 64

    Forest Ave., Everett Ave., Columbus St., Rule St., Harper St., Bishop St., Olympia Dr.

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  • Bus 67

    Bus 67

    Court Street, Chesterfield Drive, Windsor Drive, Stratford Blvd, Wilkinson Pike, Ross Springs, Grandview, Broady, Montvale Road, Farris, Heritage, Briarcliff

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  • Bus 71

    Bus 71

    Montvale Road, Gardenvale and Sandy Springs Townhouses, Windridge Drive, Carowinds Circle, Maggie Street, Laurie Street, Somerset and Huntington Farms Road

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  • Bus 75

    Bus 75

    Sandy Springs, Old Niles Ferry, Fairview Blvd, Hwy. 411, Royal Oaks, Big Springs Road, Bridgeway Apartments, Hwy 321

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  • Bus 77

    Bus 77

    Whitecrest, Foch Street, Middlesettlements, McGhee Street, Lord Street, Landau Circle

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  • Bus 82

    Bus 82

    Compton Dr., ALL of Brown School Rd., Eckles, Radnor Rd., Manning Ln., Alpine Rd

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  • Bus 85

    Bus 85

    Meadseside Dr., Crestridge, Northfield, Ellington Rd,. Asbury

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