• RULES    

    Riding a bus to and from school in the Maryville City School system is a privilege not a right. All students must understand and observe good conduct, courtesy, cooperation, and respect for the authority of the bus driver. Copies of the rules are clearly posted on each bus as a daily reminder.
          Follow the bus driver's directions the first time they are given.    
          The bus driver can assign seats for misbehavior. 
          Keep all parts of your body inside the bus and keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. 
          Students must be seated except when boarding or exiting the bus. 
          Drivers have the right to prohibit students from doing anything that might distract the driver - including noise or actions that might threaten the safety of the bus.

          Any student who willfully damages the bus will not be able to ride until making reparations with the bus owner.


          In order to maintain conditions and an atmosphere suitable for safety, no person shall enter onto a school bus except students assigned to that bus or other persons with lawful and valid business on the bus.
          The school bus is an extension of school activity; therefore, students shall conduct themselves on the bus in a manner consistent with the established standards for safety and classroom behavior.
          Students are under the supervision and control of the bus driver and assistant while on the bus, and all reasonable directions given by driver or assistant shall be followed.

          The principal of the student transported shall be informed by the bus driver or assistant of any discipline problems and may be called upon to assist if necessary. 

          A student may be denied the privilege of riding the bus if the principal determines that his/her behavior is such as to cause disruption on the bus, or if he/she disobeys state or local rules and regulations pertaining to student transportation.
          According to state law, TCA 46-6-21, no student will be allowed to ride home with another student without written permission from the parent, which must be approved by the school principal. If approved, the driver will be provided with a copy of the request form.
          All carry-ons, including backpacks, musical instruments and school projects, must be able to fit in the child’s lap. The parent/guardian must transport any items that don’t meet these criteria.


          Video cameras are used to monitor student behavior on school buses transporting students to and from school or extracurricular activities.
          Video surveillance shall be used to promote the order, safety, and security of students, staff, and property.
          Due to the privacy rights of other students, no parent/guardian is allowed to view bus tapes. If there is an issue, transportation personnel and school administrators will view the tape.