Welcome to Maryville City Schools


This summer and throughout the 2015-16 school year, Maryville City Schools will be focused on the first full year of iREACH - our 1:1 digital conversion, providing a laptop or tablet to every student in the district.  Our first deployment of devices will take place in July 2015.  
In support of iREACH, we have embarked on a community-wide campaign to secure Wi-Fi where and when students need access.  This effort to level the playing field by improving accessibility is on-going and will continue to expand and improve over time.  If your business wishes to participate, please list your location on the Free Wi-Fi Directory hosted by the Chamber Partnership (site link here).  Individuals wishing to support and help fund this effort should contact the MCS district office (Ph: 865-982-7121) and speak with Sharon Anglim about Hot Spot needs in all schools and other funding opportunities.
Parents and guardians with questions about iREACH, devices, responsibilities, etc. should first refer to the iREACH Resource Guide (site link here) or go to Programs and Services/Digital Conversion.  Email inquires may be posted at MCS@maryville-schools.org.  Each school also has a help-desk and tech support personnel to assist.  
Thank you for your interest and welcome to iREACH ... limitless learning for every student! 

The new iREACH initiative launched Spring 2014.  Learn more on this video,
or follow us on our webpage by clicking on the iREACH icon to your left.

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